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New Regulations

New Solicitation Requirements In Nevada

Nevada has amended its corporate statute requiring charitable solicitation registration by charitable nonprofits soliciting donations in the state.  Depending on your organization’s activities, incorporation or corporate qualification may by required, however if your...

Registration in Mississippi

Update For The State Of Mississippi

Beginning July 1, 2016, the due date to renew charity registration in the state of Mississippi will be 4.5 months after the fiscal year end.  Two extensions will be offered to follow the IRS timeline for filing the IRS Form 990: the first 3 month extension will be...

Online IRS Submission

New 990-N Filing Regulations Are Now in Effect

Organizations whose annual gross receipts are $50,000 or less are allowed to submit a Form 990-N to the IRS in lieu of the long Form 990.  Beginning February 29, 2016, the IRS will be using a new website to collect 990-N submissions. Form 990-N, a short 8-question filing,...

California Compliance

The California Crackdown

California has been warning of its plan to adopt new regulations for the nonprofit sector.  After two drafts and opportunity for commentary from the public, the final draft is now available and goes into effect January 1, 2016.  Are you ready?

Disclosure Requirements

Requirements of Public Disclosure of Exempt Organization

An exempt organization is required by federal law to provide a copy of certain tax documents to any individual who may make a request, whether written or in person, for such documents.  In person requests may be made at the organization’s principle office, and any of the...

New Regulations in CA

New Regulations in California Will Impact Charities Everywhere

The Office of the Attorney General of the State of California is proposing new regulations that will have some very surprising effects on nonprofits nationwide, their board members, and the communities that they serve.  The most recent revision of the proposed regulations...


As of July 1, 2015, the Utah Division of Consumer Protection has reduced the charity application fee from $100 to $75 pursuant to the Utah Charitable Solicitations Act Code, Section 13-22-6.  For more information on the current registration statutes for the state of...

Steps to Making Nonprofits Great

10 Traits That Make Nonprofits Great

Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization which honors the achievemets of outstanding individuals and encourages youth to pursue their dreams through higher education.  The organization published a book titled, "10...

Charitable Solicitations Disclosure Statements

Charitable Solicitations Disclosure Statements

Some states require charitable solicitation disclosure statements to be included on all written materials mailed to potential contributors in their states.  The following is a list of disclosure statements that must be printed on all charitable solicitations mailed in to...

Increases in tax rates will not greatly affect charitable giving

Snap Poll: Increases in tax rates will not greatly affect charitable giving

A recent PJ Snap Poll asked readers how increases in the 2013 payroll deduction and the highest marginal income tax rates will impact their charitable giving this year. Overall, the answer for three-fourths of the 248 people who responded is – not at all. Other...

Improve Media Relations with Your Web Site

Improve Media Relations with Your Web Site

Compare your Web site with those in a recent study to see if you are making any of these fatal errors. View PDF