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Janet Levine Consulting

Janet Levine can help propel you and your organization to new heights: For close to a quarter of a century, Janet Levine has been a fund development specialist, helping organizations grow their ability to raise funds, increase donor retention and expand prospect pools. Board Development, Improving Skills, Increasing Knowledge, Fundraising Capacity In our ever-changing world, keeping up is critical to success. The more you know, the more effective you can be in raising funds, working with Boards, and leading your organization to greater heights. Classes and Workshops can help to increase your knowledge base. Specialized trainings for your Board and staff can build confidence and teach more effective ways to reach your shared goals. Group and Individual Coaching and Mentoring can uncover strengths and help improve performance.  Working together, we can ensure that plans get worked, ambitions are met, and dreams become reality. For more information, contact us at [email protected] or call (310) 990-9151. Website:

– Janet Levine Consulting
In Kind Donations for Fundraising Events is a self-service platform helping nonprofits and companies simplify how in-kind donations get to fundraising events. Event leaders apply with one application, add event information, then get access to multiple companies through a customized "donation catalog" of items for which you qualify. Browse and request items you want with a single click, and DonationMatch tracks responses, sends reminders, and even delivers printable certificates upon donor approval. Boost your fundraising auctions, raffles, and gift bags with the support of more companies quickly and easily.

– Donation Match
HR Solutions

Are Human Resources responsibilities falling to the bottom of your nonprofit's priority list?  Limited time and resources, maintaining HR compliance, attracting and retaining talent...these are just some of the HR challenges you may be facing.  With so much to manage already how do you work it all in?  TriNet Not-for-Profit is your solution.  This bundled HR product features streamlined self-service, a wide selection of benefit plans, customized reporting capabilities and a dedicated team of HR professionals certified in not-for-profit expertise.  Services include payroll processing, tax filing and reporting; employee handbook; worker's compensation claims, COBRA administration; full HR compliance assistance and so much more.  By partnering with TriNet Not-for-Profit, you can focus on what's most important to you: achieving your mission.  For more information visit or call 888-874-6388.  

– TriNet
Non Profit Payment Processing Services

 OptimalGiving helps nonprofit raise more funds and keep more of what they raise. Our goal is to lower each client’s fundraising and payment processing costs by as much as 50%.  We do this by combining affordable, easy to use mobile and web-based fundraising solutions with low-cost payment processing.  Our easy to use fundraising tools and custom donation forms can be used for Websites, Events, Facebook, Crowdfunding and more and they are compatible with most nonprofit donor management or accounting software. We can help you have more for your mission – now.

– Payment Processing Solutions

Corporate Giving Partnerships helps companies realize financial and cultural benefits as a result of their cause marketing and corporate social responsibility efforts. With a focus on diversity, generational understandings, and work styles, companies benefit from higher productivity and deeper engagement through volunteerism and philanthropy efforts. An engaged workforce can bring as much as $1 million or more in customer happiness on an annual basis. CGP provides a comprehensive approach to cause marketing and CSR action in everything from program design to implementation. The results leave companies fully prepared to develop their employees into leaders, whose management skills are influenced as a result of their experience with community and societal needs. For nonprofit organizations, CGP provides leadership with consulting and coaching to help organizations become better partners with businesses. With a focus on marketing and volunteerism, we help organizations build stronger relationships with companies, which results in financial and volunteerism benefits.  

– Corporate Giving Partnerships

Because of the ever-changing market, most companies face challenges that require them to be extremely responsive and on point. We are there to assist you with these challenges as they occur, allowing you to focus on your company’s most important decisions. OUTSOURCED ACCOUNTING AND BUSINESS SOLUTIONS HAVE BECOME A STRATEGIC WAY TO IMPROVE THE BOTTOM LINE IN MANY ORGANIZATIONS. As companies grow and their human resource needs change, outsourcing up and down the value chain provides a cost-effective way of retaining experts without incurring the expense of full-time employees. We ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

– Accounting & Business Consulting Services
State Charity Registration

State Charity Registration

There are approximately 41 states which have laws governing charitable solicitations.

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All CCS Services

We ensure your charity is registered and can legally receive contributions.

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