Management & Staff

Together, Michelle and Laurie make up a dynamic team that will provide exceptional quality of work and unmatched customer service.

Michelle Menzel, Owner

Michelle Menzel, Owner

Michelle Menzel, originally from New Jersey, grew up in Orange County, California where she owned her own successful mailbox service center for 6 years.  Now in San Diego, she has been a leader in the charity registration sector for over 14 years and has become well acquainted with state registration laws and regulations.  Her experience has made her highly...

Laurie Mack, Partner

Laurie Mack, Owner

Laurie Mack was born in Chicago but grew up a San Diego girl.  She spent 10 years as Executive Assistant to a Regional Manager for an insurance company overseeing offices in 8 states with 10 Division Managers and 25 District Managers.  She has been working with nonprofit registration for over a decade and is highly experienced and knowledgeable in charity...

Tim Mack, Partner

Tim Mack, Owner

Tim Mack grew up in Bellevue, Washington.  After graduating high school there he attended Big Bend Community College Aviation Pilot School for a year.  In 1967 he joined the Helicopter Warrant Officer Program where he graduated 2nd in his class for Helicopter/Officer training and 1st in his class for Cobra Attack Helicopter Training.  Tim went on to serve 2 tours in...


Natalie Urrea - Registration Specialist
Natalie Urrea - Registration Specialist
Jenny Juarez
Jenny Juarez - Registration Specialist
Tabitha Childers
Tabitha Childers - Registration Specialist
Deanna Stone - Registration Specialist
Deanna Stone - Registration Specialist