10 Traits That Make Nonprofits Great

Steps to Making Nonprofits Great

Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization which honors the achievemets of outstanding individuals and encourages youth to pursue their dreams through higher education.  The organization published a book titled, "10 Traits That Make Nonprofits Great", in order to provide insight to those selecting charities with which to become involved.  This book outlines some of the most important qualities that volunteers and donors should be looking for in a nonprofit they wish to invest in.  The book also serves as a benchmark for nonprofits striving to improve thier practices and transform from good organizations into great ones.

With 40 years of executive experience, "10 Traits That Make Nonprofits Great" author Brian E. Foss, is a consultant to CEOs of philanthropic organizations and works closely with Horatio Alger Association.  He helps nonprofits ensure that their missions, programs and services reflect best practices and that their leaders are employing forward-looking strategies.  Foss has also written two other books published by the Association titled, “Investing in People and Communities” and “Governing Effective Nonprofits.” 

To find out what Foss recommends as the top 10 traits click here:


Top 10 Traits That Make Nonprofits Great

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