Top Fundraising Trends for Nonprofits in 2022

If we have learned anything from the last two years, it is all about the pivot from in-person everything to digital everything. That includes fundraising. Now that we are getting back to a new normal, even though we can meet in person and have personal connections, the virtual scene is also extremely important. This is both exciting and stressful at the same time, because there are so many opportunities for us to generate new donors while retaining loyal ones. Take a look at the top fundraising trends for 2022.

Peer To Peer Fundraising: Peer to peer fundraising is a way not only to generate more donations, but effective to expand your reach and generate new donors. Peer to Peer campaigns work because they leverage your community networks for your fundraising. They share their fundraising pages with their friends and family. For example, friends raise money for your organization on their birthday or anniversary.

Tip:  Create conversations with your supporters to encourage them to help you fundraise. Provide suggestions and how to tips for a seamless outcome.

Video Fundraising: Storytelling through videos is a hot trend that is here to stay. The popularity of Instagram Reels, YouTube and even TikTok is creating a whole new generation of donors who want to be entertained. Create videos of volunteers sharing their story, create videos of how your nonprofit impacted your community, create videos of folks working together to make a difference. Videos shared on social media, email marketing and your website will build a connection with donors, build lasting relationships and create emotional connections.

Tip:  Research indicates that organic videos produced with a mobile device are more believable and authentic when compared to videos that are professionally produced and edited.

Virtual and Hybrid Events: Logistics are no longer an issue thanks to amazing technology that allows us to hold fundraising events virtually. Now folks from all over the world can login and be a part of your special event. A mix of both virtual and in-person, called hybrid events, is a trend that is growing strongly and proven to be successful. Some ideas are webinars, online auctions, behind the scenes, cooking demonstrations, scavenger hunts, galas, game nights, concerts and happy hours.

Tip: Learn from others. Register and attend other nonprofit organizations' virtual and hybrid events to get ideas and inspiration.

Live Streaming Events:  Broadcasting your event live via social media grew exponentially during the last few years. It will continue to grow in 2022 and an important trend to add to your marketing strategy. People prefer to watch a video, over reading a blog or article. Livestreaming allows you to captivate and engage with your audience, increase donations, and expand your reach. Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Zoom and Twitch are common platforms for live streaming.

Tip:  Create an agenda and rehearse before you go live so you are prepared and ready for action.

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