Top 4 Ways to Keep a Nonprofit's Supporters Motivated and Involved

Leaders of nonprofit organizations have an awesome job. They wear many hats and have to manage the office team (if they are big enough to have one) create fundraising events, network and engage with the community, make sure grants are written, keep supporters motivated and involved and so much more. There are some very interesting trends that should be taken into consideration to successful keep your nonprofit moving in the right direction.

1.  Technology:  Technology plays a very big role in today's business and nonprofit world. Our industry is constantly evolving, and we need to keep up with all the tech advances, so we can stay in the driver’s seat of knowledge. For example, large nonprofits are streaming live board meetings, webinars, fundraising events and other engaging activities, donations are accepted through Apply Pay, PayPal using mobile devices, real time, live conversations through social media platforms are engaging volunteers and donors 24/7, and crowd funding is growing in popularity as a way to motivate and engage supporters.

2.  Millennials and Gen Zs Are Growing Up:  These two younger generations are very interested in making a positive impact on the world and will invest their time and money to many different causes. They also are passionate about volunteering their time. These young givers like authenticity and transparency, so sharing your authentic story about what your nonprofit is doing is key to reaching them. Connect with this powerful segment by creating an immediate experience they can relate to in your marketing strategy. Also, make sure your website is mobile friendly and online messages include photos, visuals, infographics, and videos, because they are constantly on their phones and tablets.

3.  Personalize Your Ask:  Research indicates that due to the amazing numbers of diverse groups living in our country, a more personalized marketing approach should be taken to engage them. These groups are passionate about supporting nonprofits that they believe in and want to give, but are overlooked based on the generic marketing approaches of the past. Personalizing "the ask" is the secret to reaching these diverse groups. Do your research so you can specialize your message. Get to know the different audiences and then refine your message, keep your website up to date, and understand the generational differences in these audiences.

4.  Consider Recurring Giving Programs:  Recurring giving programs or giving a specific amount on a regular basis is growing in popularity. This is an engaging and long-term type of support that can sustain your nonprofit because it provides a steady stream of income. It takes some work to establish, promote and market a recurring giving program, but will be well worth it because supporters who buy in, believe in your mission and support the long-term future of your nonprofit.

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