Men vs Women in Giving

When it comes to men versus women in spending, who do you think spends more?  How about when it comes to charitable giving?  Studies show that gender role plays a big part in how much, how often, and what type of charity an individual gives to.
In general 45% of all donors (50% of women donors and 40% of men donors) give to causes that support women and girls.   That being said, the differences in men’s and women’s income determine not only the couple’s overall giving but also who they choose to support.  In households where the woman’s income is higher, the couple is more likely to give to charities that support basic human needs (homeless shelters, hungry children, hospitals, etc.)  However, in households where the man’s income is higher the couple is more likely to support religious, youth, international and combined purpose organizations, such as United Way.
In studying the effects of age and income on giving, findings showed that single women are more likely to give to charity than were single men.  Single women were also found to be more likely higher dollar amounts than single men.
A high net worth household is considered to have an annual income of $250,000 or more and $1million in assets excluding their primary residence.  High net worth households are much more likely to give to each charitable sector and give at much higher levels than the general population.  In these households the reasons women say they give is more because of political or religious reasons, because they serve on a board, or volunteer for an organization, and are more likely to give spontaneously in response to a need.  
High net worth single women are found to veer more toward giving to the arts and environmental causes, whereas high net worth single men tend to give to combination organizations that have multiple missions.
Overall the studies concur that women of all income and age varieties tend to want to spread their giving to more organizations and will be open to giving to almost any charitable subsector with the exception of sports and adult recreation, and are more likely to give in greater amounts than men.
(Compiled by “Studies Examine Men Vs. Women In Giving”, The NonProfit Times) 
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