How To Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable Attending In-Person Events Again

According to the CDC, it's time to slowly return to normal. Vaccines are going out, the pandemic is waning, and people are ready to start interacting in-person once again. But while this is great news for organizations that rely on fundraising, it's also a very delicate time. Many guests aren't going to feel comfortable attending in-person events for a while. What can you do to help?

Keep Your Events Outdoors

The danger of outdoor transmission of COVID-19 has always been dramatically low, even before vaccines went out. It's about to be summer, which means that it's the perfect time for people to start experimenting with outdoor events before they start bringing things indoors again. If you have an indoor event, consider having an outdoor patio as an option for those who are concerned.

Stay Socially Distanced

It's still arguable whether social distancing helps -- new information indicates that COVID-19 is spread more as an aerosol (hanging in the air) than by individual propellants (coughing and droplets). But social distancing does something important: It reduces the number of people in an enclosed space. Keeping socially distanced and making sure that each room has a limited capacity is important.

Keep Masked and Sanitized

Having alcohol-based hand sanitizers and masks around can further help people feel comfortable about an event. While those who have been vaccinated may not need to "mask up" in outdoor areas or under certain other situations, it can be hard to tell who is or isn't vaccinated. For the foreseeable future, many people will be more comfortable with those around them being masked.

Remain Transparent About Your Initiatives

Make sure everyone knows what initiatives you're taking to ensure their safety and ask them what they would like, too. Consider that your audience and demographics will vary depending on how concerned they are and what they would prefer.

Make Connecting Virtually an Option

Some people are still not going to feel comfortable. Make connecting virtually an option so the more cautious people can still connect with and support your cause. You can also live stream events to garner further involvement and interest.

Keeping people comfortable is important. But for many organizations, it's time to start acting, or it could become difficult to continue operating. By making people feel as safe as possible you can ease into the transition with limited danger.

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