Fastest Way to Reach the Masses: Send a Text!

On average adults send over 40 text messages in just one day making texting the fastest form of connection between you and your audience, faster than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.  Texts are also more likely to get a response than other apps, emails or voicemail.  How is your organization tapping into this venue of connectivity?
The Palermo Bible Family Church executed a texting program in order to remind its parishioners about special events and church services.  Some churches use texting to send out daily religious quotes to inspire at the start of the day, notify about any change or cancelation in events, news to promote events and even allows for feedback if desired.  Donations can also be solicited and received through texts.
Human Rights Campaign, an advocacy group committed to fighting for LGBTQ rights took to merging texting with social media to inform supporters of the recent federal rulings for same-sex marriage.  Upon announcement of the ruling the organization sent out more than 275,000 text messages to supporters, and created a crowdsourced photo album inviting users to text photos of themselves and/or loved ones celebrating the news.  They received over 3,000 photo texts.
The Brooklyn Museum in New York has started using a text messaging initiative called the “ASK” app.  This initiative allows users to send photos of specific art to museum staff and ask questions.  The staff can answer questions and conduct discussions about the art to further educate the visitor.
Approximately 64% of American adults own a smartphone, and 46% claim they cannot live without theirs.  With this kind of direct access to supporters what kind of impact could text messaging programs have on your organization?  Not just increasing your contribution amount but increasing your organization’s support and presence across the nation.
(Compiled from Considering the Nonprofit Uses of Text Messaging, Debbie Laskey)
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