Does Your Nonprofit Organization's Technology Align With Its Values?

Nonprofit organizations have to be dedicated, ethical, effective, and lean -- and the use of technology can make a substantial difference. If your organization isn't using technology to its maximum effect, it may not be aligning its technology to its values.

Remaining Safe, Secure, and Compliant

Charities are some of the most highly regulated companies there are. A charitable organization needs to be fully compliant with new technology requirements, most notably those that deal with security, authentication, and encryption. Charities have to protect their own data, the data of those they serve, and naturally the data of those who donate to them. All of this is usually done through technology suites. Does your nonprofit organization's technology align with its values?

Better Productivity and Reduced Overhead

Any charitable organization has a responsibility to use its money and its resources as effectively as possible. By leveraging new technology, charities are able to reduce expenses in other areas, such as their administrative costs. Technology can get automated to vastly reduce the amount of work that needs to be done and the amount of administrative personnel needed.

Investing in technology upgrades can cost money upfront but will ultimately reduce a company's expenses to the extent that the company may quickly see returns. An investment in moving away from cumbersome legacy technology can create a distinct shift in the company's operations for the better.

Being Innovative and Future-Forward

Lastly, technology reflects an organization commitment towards innovation and creativity. A company with modern, agile technology is a company that is willing to do its best to grow and adapt moving into the future. These are charities that are constantly looking towards improvement -- and consequently they are charities that are going to be able to most effectively follow their own mission statement.

Charities must often analyze whether or not their operations are still aligned with their values and their goals. Periodic technology updates are critical to keeping a nonprofit on track and effective. A complete audit can be done to determine whether systems are still viable for the organization's needs. A small investment of technology can be extremely effective.

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