August 17 is National Nonprofit Day!

Get ready, get set, celebrate!

August 17 is National Nonprofit Day, a day set aside to showcase and recognize all the ways nonprofit organizations make a major difference in our lives. Get this 2020, Americans donated a total of $471 billion dollars to charities and that number is expected to increase in the future! National Nonprofit Day is a day set aside to honor and recognize all those who donate money, their time, and who care about your mission.

This one day is a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your nonprofit and share with the world, all the ways you make an impact on your community and all those who help you make it happen. Here are four easy ideas to get started.

Share a Success Story: Think about a group or individual your nonprofit has helped or a special volunteer that is always there when you need them. Highlighting these important people is a great way to encourage other people to volunteer or get involved too. Tell the story from beginning to end, share photographs and videos that show the progress and smiling faces. Success stories are opportunities to engage new donors, supporters, and volunteers.

Launch A New Program: National Nonprofit Day is an ideal time to announce a new fundraising program or introduce a new initiative. It doesn't have to be a major endeavor. It can be as small as announcing a program to highlight a volunteer of the month, announcing a guest speaker event, or starting a video tip series. Then, create an engaging promotional campaign that rolls out on August 17.

Expand Your Social Media Presence: Amp up your social media presence. Use the hashtag #nationalnonprofitday on your posts or incorporate paid ads to reach a larger audience than usual. Consider adding a new social media platform to your existing ones. Research your target audience first, compare it to the platform you are considering, and if there is potential to expand your audience, start posting.

Build Your Email List: Your email list is very valuable in your marketing tool kit. Some consider email marketing a thing of the past, but that is simply not true. Unlike social media, you own your email list. Supporters give you the ok to add them to your list and are interested in what your organization is doing. Use National Nonprofit Day to build new subscribers. Write an informational blog, add it to your website and post the first few sentences in a social media post. At the end of the blog, include a call to action, "Sign up for our email list to get more great info like this!"

How will you celebrate National Nonprofit Day?

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