3 Ways Nonprofits Can Continue to Support Their Clients & Donors

A few weeks ago, most of us didn't even know what social distancing, COVID-19 or the Coronavirus was. Today, the world is adapting to a pandemic that has possibly changed our lives and working patterns forever. Challenges like these can be opportunities for us in the nonprofit world to do better, be better for the people and communities we serve. Yes, our fundraisers, capital campaigns, parties, events are canceled or postponed. Our doors are closed to our beloved volunteers, sponsors, donors and the public. But that doesn't mean we can't find creative ways to communicate, connect and keep them engaged.  Here are 3 ways to inspire you to continue your mission during these uncertain times.

Should I Share What Our Nonprofit is Doing to Help Others During This Pandemic?

Yes, yes and yes! Most of us are either working remotely from home or are alone in our offices. Write press releases, create emails, post on social media platforms and make phone calls to share how you are helping the community during this time. As we "wait and see" how long we will be in this crisis, take the lead and show everyone who is involved in your nonprofit the positive impact it is making and how you are committed to continuing your good work.

How and Should We Celebrate the Good Things?

Absolutely! Your physical doors are closed temporarily, but this is the perfect opportunity to invite your supporters to personally get involved in creative ways. For example, this is not the right time to ask for money, but it is a great time to ask for help. If your community has a food bank, ask supporters to drop off food donations, if there are people in your organization that are health care workers in the hospitals, encourage supporters to call or text them and thank them for their great work. If one of your donors are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or positive life event, create a snail mail or email birthday card party. If there are senior citizens living alone, encourage supporters to call just to say hello on behalf of your nonprofit.

Should We Use Technology to Keep Connected?

Yes, again! Embrace technology more than ever before to connect and communicate. Now is the perfect opportunity to get creative to keep your supporters virtually engaged. Think outside your business as usual box. Create social media campaigns that entertain. Ask board members or your favorite donors to create Facebook Live videos of them cooking in their kitchen, offering a quick cleaning or health tip, creating a craft, reading a poem or just sharing a personal testimonial of what your nonprofit means to them. Get comfortable with Zoom, Slack, Teams and other technology that allows you to connect with multiple people at the same time and hold meetings and webinars. 

Stay well, stay safe, and keep up your nonprofit's great work!

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