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How to Prepare for a Successful Giving Tuesday

How to Prepare for a Successful Giving Tuesday

Now is the perfect time to prepare for #GivingTuesday, which could serve as the rollout for your end of year giving campaign. #GivingTuesday is an international day of giving that happens the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving and has not only shined the spotlight on the...

3 Trends Nonprofits Should Know About Cause Marketing

3 Trends Nonprofits Should Know About Cause Marketing

"Doing well while doing good" sums up the relationship that nonprofits and for-profits form when they join forces to make our world a better place. This relationship is better known as cause marketing and it is the way to go to raise money and awareness in today's world....

It's Not Too Early to Start Planning Your Year-End Giving Campaign

It's Not Too Early to Start Planning Your Year-End Giving Campaign

The early bird gets the end of the year donation. Now is the time to start your end of the year giving campaign. Why? Because research indicates that nonprofits receive 50 percent of their annual donations between October and December. Plus, 74 percent of donors give at...

3 Ways to Make Your Donors Feel Like a Million Bucks

3 Ways to Make Your Donors Feel Like a Million Bucks

Donations are the lifeline of a nonprofit. Keeping donors personally engaged can and will make the difference between a one-time gift and a lifetime of donations. Retention is the secret to motivating donors to continue giving after the first gift. Here are three ways to...

Getting Your Proposal Granted

Getting Your Proposal Granted

The grant proposal review process is much like recruiting candidates for an open employment position.  Reviewers have a limited amount of time to sift through a hefty amount of information and quickly narrow the faction down to the applicants most deserving of further...

Preparing for a Tax Audit, Help from the IRS

Preparing for a Tax Audit, Help from the IRS

Whether you’re a nonprofit, a for-profit, or an individual, no one welcomes the prospect of a tax audit.  In an effort to assist with such a preparation the IRS has provided training tools referred to as Audit Technique Guides (ATGs).  These guides are available for 501(c)(...

Automated Marketing Can Help Nonprofits Stay Better Connected

Automated Marketing Can Help Nonprofits Stay Better Connected

Solving complex problems with insufficient resources isn’t really solving problems.  With rapidly developing cloud-based technologies, solutions are out there!  Let’s take a quick look at marketing automation and how it could help a nonprofit stay more connected and keep...

Attracting the Millennial Donor

Attracting the Millennial Donor

After years of focusing on the baby boomer generation for giving, there may be some question as to how to go about soliciting from the millennial generation.  They are greater in number after all, and gain prominence in society with each passing year.

Grant Management Strategies

Looking to improve the ROI on your grant-seeking efforts?  The answer may not lie in finding more funders or filling out more applications.  It may be that you just need a better management process in place. 

PayPal Giving Fund Misleads Donors and Charities

PayPal Giving Fund Misleads Donors and Charities

PayPal joined the giving platform back in 2013 with the PayPal Giving Fund.  This program allowed users to choose from a list of charities on PayPal’s website and make donations promising that 100% of the donation would be delivered to the intended charity.  Primarily using...

What you need to know before the holidays to receive donations for your nonprofit

With the holidays and Giving Tuesday swiftly approaching, nonprofits and charities may want to consider preparing for the busiest donation season of the year. Many people are far freer with their giving during the holidays and many businesses are trying to fulfill their...

How To Retain Donors For Your Nonprofit Fundraising

How To Retain Donors For Your Nonprofit Fundraising

Nonprofit fundraising can be a challenge, especially for nonprofits that are still building their relationships with the community. Nonprofits have to be creative and persistent if they are to regularly bring in donors -- and especially so if they want to retain them....

Do Millennials Donate to Charities Differently Than Other Generations?

Charitable organizations should be aware that trends have been changing regarding charitable giving. Millennials have a tendency to invest their money differently than prior generations, creating a need for more inventive outreach strategies. Millennials Are More...

Does Your Nonprofit Organization's Technology Align With Its Values?

Does Your Nonprofit Organization's Technology Align With Its Values?

Nonprofit organizations have to be dedicated, ethical, effective, and lean -- and the use of technology can make a substantial difference. If your organization isn't using technology to its maximum effect, it may not be aligning its technology to its values. ...

Donations Through Apple Pay

Donations Through Apple Pay

In 2014 Apple introduced Apple Pay, a mobile wallet where consumers could store credit and debit card information.  Consumers could then use their mobile wallet at retail stores or to pay for items within apps without the hassle of swiping a card or entering any payment...

Let's Get to Know The Bequest Donor

Let’s Get to Know the Bequest Donor

According to speakers at the recent Conference and Exposition for the National Catholic Development Conference (NCDC), a bequest donor will more often than not fall into one of two categories: an older, long-time female donor with grandchildren who volunteers regularly and...

Privacy Breach Risks and Responsibilities of a Nonprofit

Privacy Breach Risks and Responsibilities of a Nonprofit

As data breaches affecting the public continue to increase it is important for every public, private and nonprofit organization to take every precaution to keep personally identifiable information safe.  For nonprofits this could include information collected from employees...

Preparing for an IRS Review

Preparing for an IRS Review

An analysis by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) doesn’t have to be a life or death situation.  Being prepared is the best way an organization can get through an audit without the nightmares and panic attacks. First off know the major factors that trigger an audit and do...

making the miles matter

Making the Miles Matter

Bike-A-Thons, marathons, 5k races, 3 day walks….we are all pretty familiar with these types of events that charities use to raise money and awareness for their cause.  Well now there is a way to make all of your training miles in between these events count for something...

Online Raffles Is It Worth The Gamble?

Online Raffles: Is It Worth The Gamble?

Online fundraising is the most effective way to reach the masses, and online raffles sure seem like they require little effort.  But nonprofits beware: raffle events are regulated by gambling statutes and unfortunately, these vary not only state by state, but also county by...

men vs women in giving

Men vs Women in Giving

When it comes to men versus women in spending, who do you think spends more?  How about when it comes to charitable giving?  Studies show that gender role plays a big part in how much, how often, and what type of charity an individual gives to.  

Gifts In-Kind Potentials For Fraud

Gifts-In-Kind, Potentials for Fraud

We are all familiar with how charities raise money, but sometimes charities will also hold events to raise donations of food, property, clothing, equipment, home goods, supplies, etc.  These are considered donations of “gifts-in-kind”.    

Sales Tax Exemptions Available For Nonprofits

Sales Tax Exemptions Available for Nonprofits

One recent summer the IRS revoked the tax-exempt status of more than 275,000 nonprofit organizations for failing to file IRS Form 990 annual returns for the proceeding 3 years.  Likewise, nonprofits who fail to file their required annual or periodic corporate report with...

Evaluations of Form 1023-EZ Say Exemption is Too Easy

Not too long ago the IRS made available a streamlined version of Form 1023 (Application for Exemption) called Form 1023-EZ for qualifying nonprofit organizations.  The goal was to shorten the process of exemption approval and reduce the backlog of applications sitting in...

More Fundraising Doesn't Necessarily Mean More Money

More Fundraising Doesn’t Necessarily Mean More Money

When it comes to fundraising is it more productive to have more channels?  You might think so at first but a recent study reveals that organizations may not be able to really get the most out of their fundraising efforts.  

donating a car to charity

Donating a Car to Charity

Donating a car to a charity may be an easy way for you to clear out some space in your garage and increase your charitable contributions for the year, but there is a little more to it than just signing over the title and claiming your deduction.  Some charities use donated...

Bringing Giving Into the Wedding Scene

Bringing Giving into the Wedding Scene

Weddings are a $55 billion a year industry, each costing on average over $31,000.  With a new and inspiring trend on the upswing charities are beginning to see a small fraction of the money spent on these and other life celebrations.  

Go Pro Takes Action

Go Pro Takes Action

Go Pro has built its success on helping people capture and share their passions and experiences and now they are taking this successful business and driving it toward an altruistic avenue.    Go Pro for a Cause provides equipment, media production, content distribution and...

Facebook Jumps Into Crowdsource Funding

Facebook Jumps into Crowdsource Funding

Facebook has been getting its feet wet in the nonprofit pool with the launch of its “Donate” button this summer and now its newest tool to be launched for nonprofits: fundraiser pages.  These pages will be designed so that a nonprofit can describe a campaign and collect...

Fastest Way to Reach the Masses: Send a Text!

On average adults send over 40 text messages in just one day making texting the fastest form of connection between you and your audience, faster than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.  Texts are also more likely to get a response than other apps, emails or...

Nonprofit for Finding Great Nonprofits

GreatNonprofits, a Nonprofit for Finding Great Nonprofits

The holidays are here and what better time of year than to help others by making a donation to your favorite charity or nonprofit.  Approximately 85% of donors say that reading reviews has an impact on their decision on which nonprofits to make donations to, 90% say reviews...

Donate Now On Facebook

“Donate Now” on Facebook

Facebook has brought forth a new addition for nonprofits wanting to use social media to engage new donors through viral happenings.  Charities can now feature on their organization’s Facebook Brand Page a “Donate Now” button.  

Hold On To Your Donors

Hold on to What You’ve Got…..or Rather Who!

Donor retention is one of the most important things that keep nonprofit organizations going.  The costs for obtaining continuous contributions are much less than going out to attract new ones.  But are you doing all you should be to keep your donors in a giving mood?    

Set Your Nonprofit Up For Success Right From the Start

Set Your Nonprofit up for Success from the Start

The number of nonprofit formations has been on the rise.  More and more diseases are discovered, more people are going hungry, more abused victims step forward; the needs of the world are growing.  Fortunately the desire to help is also growing.  Unfortunately though, many...

Contactless giving debuts in the UK

Contactless Giving Debuts in the UK

As fundraising continues to be re-invented using more creative ways to reach and engage donors we continue to be amazed at the innovations coming through.  A British medical charity in England, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has partnered up with Clear Channel Outdoor to trial a...

I Want My Donation Back

"I Want My Donation Back"

The Wall Street Journal has reported that more and more donors are asking for refunds on their donations or are not fulfilling their donation pledges.  The reason for this increasing demand is that donors feel charities are misusing their funds, ignoring their wishes, or...

Brain Matters For Non Profits

Brain Matters

There has been extensive research done that shows that people who give are generally happier, healthier and even wealthier than those that don’t.  But how do you get those happy givers to take an interest in your organization and your cause?  Blowing them away with...

Using Digital Currency to Donate Worldwide

Using Digital Currency to Donate Worldwide

United Way Worldwide (UWW) is now accepting bitcoins making it one of the largest nonprofit organizations to join the world of digital-currency fundraising.  The donation of bitcoins will go to their new Innovation Fund which will support new approaches to efforts in...

Nonprofits Tell Their Stories on YouTube

Nonprofits Tell Their Stories on YouTube

Social media has sure had a hand in moving us forwarding in making connections.  Individuals and businesses alike have been able to reach out across the world and be heard in ways that would have seemed impossible only a decade ago.  But there’s one media outlet that is...

Exchanging Time for Time, Not Money

Exchanging Time for Time, Not Money

When we hear the word “economy” the most common thought that comes into play is the money market economy.  We don’t really think about the social economy.  Families, neighborhoods and communities are as equally important to a successful economy as money.  TimeBanking is...

Ready or Not Here They Come Taxes

Ready or Not, Here They Come…

Nonprofit organizations may be exempt from certain tax requirements but they aren't exempt from being audited by the IRS. In fact they may actually be scrutinized more than for-profit companies due to their tax advantages. A for-profit company being found to make a...

Making Tax Exemption Easy

Making Tax Exemption EZ

No one would argue that the process of applying for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status could use some revamping.  Any nonprofit who has already obtained exemption knows just how tedious the application itself is, not to mention the required schedules, proof of documentation, and...

Be A Giver Through Twitter

Be A Giver Through Twitter

Ever since the earthquake that shattered Haiti, organizations have started looking into the concept of mobile giving.  Text your contribution to help out a charitable cause, what could be simpler than that?  How about “tweeting” your contribution?

We Can Give As Good As We Get

We Can Give as Good as We Get

We all know the national movements that have become tradition immediately following Thanksgiving.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but do you know about #GivingTuesday?  

Fine Lines of Online Fundraising

The Fine Lines of Online Fundraising

The internet has sure been a big help to nonprofit organizations.  Anyone in any state can find an organization, be informed about their mission and the progress they’ve made, get to know the people who run the organization, read touching stories about those who have been...

Is Your Tax Exempt Status in Jeopardy

Is Your Tax Exempt Status in Jeopardy?

Once a public charity has established 501(c)(3) exemption, it must maintain its tax-exempt status and meet its ongoing compliance responsibilities.  Are you aware of the activities that could put your organization’s tax-exempt status in jeopardy?  Let’s take a look some of...

Donors Beware

Donors Beware

In theory, nonprofit organizations exist to make the world a better place.  They raise awareness and funds for needs across the world all in the good name of philanthropy.  Then there are those that use the good name of philanthropy as a platform for scamming.  So how do...

San Diego’s Nonprofit Sector

Challenges and Opportunities Facing San Diego’s Nonprofit Sector

By: Pat Libby, MS, director, Institute for Nonprofit Education and Research and Laura Deitrick, director, Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research

The Society For Nonprofit Organizations

The Society For Nonprofit Organizations

A resource for Board members, paid staff, and volunteers who lead or help non-profit organizations around the world. With a 30 year history and 6,000+ members, the Society for Nonprofits is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit management support organizations in the...

The NonProfit Times

The NonProfit Times

A leading business publication for non-profit management that is published twenty-two times a year. In addition to the news, management and how-to pieces, this publication gives readers independent consumer surveying regarding the charitable sector. Readers can also...